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The Ultimate Big Man Travel Guide: 6 Considerations For How to Enjoy Travel in Style

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Hey there, fellow Big Guy! Stepping into the vast and unpredictable world of Big Man travel, huh? Let’s be real – being a Big Man has its perks, but squeezing into airplane seats isn’t one of them. Don’t sweat it; we’ve got a guide for Big Man travel tailor-made for you. No more travel mishaps; just smooth, swanky voyages for our main man.

Selecting the Appropriate Attire

Big Man Travel Selecting What to Take

A Flawless Fit: Listen up! Your clothes should fit you to a T, but not fit you like Mr. T bulging under his shirt. Look dashing and feel great – no compromise.

Choice of Fabric: Think breathable – Linen and light cotton. Let that skin breathe, and show off that natural Big Man Travel glow! Wrinkle-free is a great option too. No one wants to spend their trip ironing clothes!

On Footwear: Shoes with strong arch support. After all, you need a solid foundation for that impressive build, right?  Always choose a shoe with robust arch support. This not only guarantees comfort but also safeguards against potential foot ailments. No one wants to be in pain on vacation. Save that for when you return to work.

Finding that Perfect Crash Pad

Big Man Travel Hotels

Ample Space: No one likes feeling like a sardine, especially not our Big Man. Always ensure your chosen accommodation provides ample room space. A spacious suite ensures you can move freely and relax.

Preference in Bed Size: King-sized, because… why not? Royalty needs its space.  A king-sized bed should be your go-to. It offers abundant space and ensures a rejuvenating sleep. Big Man Travel can wear you down, so be sure to get your winks!

Restroom Luxuries: Big tubs and showers. Turning around shouldn’t feel like a 3-point turn, am I right?  Opt for accommodations offering large bathtubs or spacious showers. It enhances the overall experience. And don’t be afraid to try the bidet. Your backside never had it so good!

Culinary Quests for the Big Man Travel

Eat like a local

Local Grub Exploration: Taste the world, one bite at a time. Because, hey, local delicacies might just become your new favorite midnight snack! Don’t be afraid to ‘taste the rainbow’ during your Big Man Travel.

Opt for High-End Digning: These establishments usually offer spacious seating arrangements, ensuring you dine in comfort.

Hydration Station: While enjoying the local cuisine, remember to drink plenty of water. It aids digestion and keeps you feeling refreshed. Stick to bottled water, if possible. We want you glowing, not going – if you catch my drift.

Travel in Style and Comfort

Air Travel: Business or first-class. Give those legs the stretch they deserve!

Ride in Style: Think big – SUVs or spacious sedans. Feel like a boss on the road.  A personal favorite of mine when booking my cars is AutoSlash.

AutoSlash is the BEST place for finding the best car deals!!

Public Transit: A bit of prep goes a long way. Go for those spacious seating options. Let the world adjust to the Big Man for a change!

Big Man Travel Activities

Nature Strolls: Grab those comfy shoes and feel the grass beneath your toes. Nature’s calling!

Culture Trips: Museums, galleries, theaters – with the extra legroom, of course. We’re cultured, not cramped.

Daredevil Deeds: While activities like skydiving or scuba diving might seem daunting, they can be exhilarating.  My personal favorite is Scuba diving.  **Interesting fact; Us big boys actually have to ADD weight to sink to the bottom.  How’s that for a kick in the head?**  Always ensure your gear fits perfectly. It not only ensures safety but also enhances the experience.

Scuba Diving is an amazing adventure for anyone!
Me diving with sharks in the Bahamas!

Packing Like a Pro

Light and Durable Bags: Easier to carry when chasing that taxi or, you know, running from that ex. Opt for lightweight yet sturdy luggage. It ensures easy mobility without compromising on durability. We all know because our clothing has a little more fabric, we can push the baggage weight limit airlines, so don’t opt for the Fort Knox-style, ultra-reinforced, heavy-duty luggage. 

Essential Grooming: Freshen up, Big Man! Always pack essential toiletries. They ensure you’re always refreshed, irrespective of your travel itinerary.

Travel For The Big Man

Techy Must-Haves: A power bank, noise-canceling headphones, and a universal charger are must-haves. They ensure you’re always connected and entertained. Remember, as a Big Man travel should be enjoyable!


Look, traveling as the Big Man can be more than just a trip – it can be an adventure of epic proportions if you’re equipped with the right tricks. From looking suave to lounging in style, we’ve got your back every step of the way. And hey, if you found this guide useful, there’s plenty more where that came from.

Dive deep into our treasure trove of other ‘Big Man Travel’ articles on this site. Whether it’s fashion tips, travel pointers, or even dating pointers tailored just for the Big Man, we’ve covered all grounds. Gear up, step out, and remember: every journey should feel like a luxury. So, keep reading, keep exploring, and here’s to making every moment count. Safe travels, Big Man! 🌍✈️

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