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Shaving Tips For Men: Mastering Smooth Moves for Plus Size Gents All in 1 Place!

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Every man deserves to feel comfortable and confident in his own skin, especially during the sweltering summer months. For plus-size men, though, the shaving game can be a bit more nuanced. So let’s dive into some shaving tips for men tips and tricks that will help you glide through the summer with smooth moves. Are you ready?

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Understanding the Skin

The Importance of Knowing Your Skin Type

Ever wonder why a product works for one person but not another? It all boils down to skin types. Everyone has a unique skin type that reacts differently to products and the environment. Identifying your skin type can be your secret weapon in achieving a smooth, irritation-free shave. It’s just like knowing your shoe size, you wouldn’t want to wear a pair that doesn’t fit, right?

Skin, much like the individuals it encases, comes in a variety of types.

Skin TypeCharacteristics
Dry SkinOften lacks sufficient moisture, leaving it feeling rough, scaly, or tight.
Oily SkinProduces excess sebum, leading to a shiny complexion and potentially clogged pores.
Normal SkinStrikes a balance between oil and dryness, maintaining a smooth, clear texture.
Combination SkinA combo deal with some areas being dry and others oily, typically the T-zone.
Sensitive SkinMay react to certain products or environmental factors with redness, itching, or irritation.
Shaving Tips For Men: Table of Skin Types

The first one is dry skin, often characterized by a lack of sufficient moisture, leaving it feeling rough, scaly, or tight. Think of it as a desert, yearning for a drop of hydration.

Then there’s oily skin, which produces an excess of sebum, leading to a shiny complexion and potentially clogged pores. Imagine an overzealous oil factory that’s always in overdrive.

The lucky ones with normal skin hit the jackpot, as their skin strikes a balance between oil and dryness, maintaining a smooth, clear texture. It’s the motherlode of skin types—not too much, not too little, but just right.

Combination skin, as the name suggests, is a combo deal with some areas being dry and others oily, typically the T-zone. It’s like having a weather map on your face, with different climates in different zones.

Lastly, there’s sensitive skin, which may react to certain products or environmental factors with redness, itching, or irritation. It’s like a finicky critic, ready to protest at the slightest provocation.

Understanding your skin type is the first step towards personalized shaving tips for men skincare and shaving routines.

Skin Care for Plus-Size Men

Just to make things a bit more fun when looking at shaving tips for men, Plus-size men often deal with skin folds, which can lead to skin irritation and chafing. A good skin care regimen that focuses on gentle cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliation can keep your skin healthy and ready for the next shave. It’s like treating your skin to a spa day every day! While these are shaving tips for men and this article is a little ‘flowery,’ it has some great recommendations!

But Why Shaving Tips for Men of Bigger Stature?

Shaving For Men Using A Mirror

It’s a Jungle Out There

Oh, the unique challenges of shaving for big men! When you’re a larger gentleman, there’s just more of you to love, and likewise, more of you to shave. It’s like navigating the wild jungles of the Amazon, but instead of vines and trees, you’re dealing with extra curves and hard-to-reach places. On top of that, skin folds can act like sneaky ninja hideouts for stray hairs, turning your routine shaving session into a game of hide and seek. It’s not just a shave; it’s an adventure!

The Ideal Shaving Equipment for Plus Size Men

Choosing the Right Razor

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to razors. Different razors suit different people, and it’s important to find the right match. The razor should feel comfortable in your hand and move smoothly over your skin, like a perfect dance partner in the waltz of shaving. The best razors for men is hard to narrow down to one absolute.

If you’re a bigger gent, you might find that skin folds often appear in areas such as the neck, underarms, or even the lower back and stomach. These tricky terrains can pose a shaving challenge akin to trying to find your keys in the bottom of a backpack—only, in this case, your keys are those elusive hairs hiding away. But fear not! These folds are no match for a flexible and agile razor that glides easily over contours.

You might actually find you need a few different razors. Myself, I have a whopping FOUR different razors I use, depending on which folds I want to conquer at the moment. Here are the ones I have found to be useful.

When it comes to shaving my face, I LOVE my Supply Single Edge SE Razor For Men. I love the single blade technology and the low cost of replacement blades. It takes a few shaves to master, but once you do, you won’t look back!

Now when I am doing my head, (yes, I shave my head bald and love how it looks) I have a two-step approach. The first is The Leaf Razor. With a nice rocking head and customizable with up to 3 blades, this is my “with the grain” first pass. (More about the grains a little further down in the article)

While The Leaf Razor comes with 10 of its own starter blades, any Double-Edge Safety blades will work. When you buy them and they are still in their paper sleeve, GENTLY fold the blade in half and it will snap. When you open the paper, you now have two of your three blades you need to fill the razor. Your money goes a long way with these type of razors!

Here are my Shaving Tips For Men best picks for razors:

Next up is my “against the grain” pass. I absolutely adore and couldn’t live without the HeadBlade Moto Men’s Head and Skull Shaving Razor! This is a game changer! After one or two tries, you can even use this baby with a mirror.

And then there’s the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’ (that was not a fat joke). Many of us have hair in places we would like, my head for example, and then there are places we wouldn’t like, my shoulders of furry tramp stamp region. The solution is the baKblade 2.0 PLUS. Easy to use in even the most hard-to-reach areas.

Selecting an Appropriate Shaving Cream

Did you know that the shaving cream you choose can make a big difference? The right cream can add an extra layer of protection, reduce friction, and provide hydration. It’s akin to choosing a good quality engine oil for your car, both ensure a smooth ride!

Just like I have multiple razors, I also have multiple shaving creams, each for its own reasons.

Here are my Shaving Tips For Men best picks for shaving creams.

Shaving Techniques for Plus Size Men

The Importance of a Pre-Shave Routine: How To Prepare Skin

Preparation is key in all things, including shaving. A good pre-shave routine that includes cleansing and softening your hair can make your shave smoother and more comfortable. Think of it as warming up before a workout. My personal favorite for my face is St. Ives Scrub Coconut & Coffee.

When it comes to my head, I start out with Mountaineer Brand Bald Head Care For Men Exfoliating Head/Face Scrub. It’s great at initially rubbing off dead skin so that when you are ready to start shaving, you get the best shave possible.

The Art of Shaving: How To Shave

Shaving is not just about removing hair, it’s an art. It’s not about how hard you can shave, but rather about the finesse of how to shave. The way you hold your razor, the direction you shave, the pressure you apply – all these make a difference. Remember, it’s not a race, take your time and enjoy the process. In case you didn’t know, razors are SHARP! There’s a reason for that. So there is no need to press the razor into your skin. It should be a like sweeping motion, like you are trying ‘sweep’ the hair off your face. Watch this video from Supply. It does a great job at explaining the process.

How to get your best shave!

I find a two-step approach to be the most efficient. The first pass you with shave with the grain. This will get a majority of the hair off in one go. The next pass will be to shave LIGHTLY against the grain. This is what gives you that baby smooth finish.

Don’t Go Against The Grain!

Finding the grain, or the direction in which your hair grows, is a crucial step in ensuring a smooth, irritation-free shave. But how to decipher this follicular road map, you might wonder? Here’s a simple guide to help you out.

  1. Let It Grow: Allow your hair to grow a bit. It’s easier to determine the direction of hair growth when it’s slightly longer. It’s like trying to observe wind direction; it’s a lot easier when the leaves on the trees have grown out a bit.
  2. Look and Feel: Start by visually examining your hair. Look closely in the mirror. Which direction do the hairs seem to be growing towards? Next, use your fingers to feel your hair. Run your hand over the area in different directions. The direction that feels smoothest is the direction of hair growth, or ‘with the grain’. Going ‘against the grain’ will feel rougher, much like petting a cat from tail to head.
  3. Map It Out: Everyone’s hair growth pattern is unique. You might notice that your hair grows in different directions in different areas. Take mental notes, or even draw a small diagram if it helps.

Remember, shaving in the direction of hair growth can help reduce irritation and the risk of razor bumps and ingrown hairs. So, take the time to find your grain, it’s the compass that guides you to a smoother shave. Following this simple shaving tips for men on finding the grain will go a long way toward alleviating pain. (Hey, that rhymed. lol)

Post-Shave Rituals

After the grand finale, don’t forget the encore – your post-shave care. This step is crucial to soothe and rehydrate your skin, and prevent any post-shave issues like redness or bumps. If you don’t want to feel like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone, then choose an after-shave balm without alcohol. Buy by all means, if you are into pain, go for it you kinky bastard!

Macaulay Culkin Home Alone Shave
Image: Macaulay Culkin from “Home Alone” Fox, 1990

An aftershave can soothe and hydrate your skin, and even give you that fresh, ready-to-face-the-world feeling. Remember, a good aftershave is like the cherry on top of the perfect shave.

Special Considerations for Plus Size Men

Managing Body Hair

Summer heat can make body hair quite uncomfortable, especially for plus-size men. Consider using body groomers or trimmers to keep things under control. This can greatly improve comfort and reduce sweat, ensuring you’re as cool as a cucumber in the summer heat.

Dealing with Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs can be a pain, quite literally. Exfoliating regularly and using products with salicylic acid can help prevent and treat them. Consider it your secret weapon against these pesky invaders.

Keeping Cool and Fresh: Aftercare

Hydration and Sun Protection

Lastly, keep your skin hydrated and protected from the sun. Drink plenty of water, and use a good quality sunscreen. After all, what’s the point of a great shave if your skin isn’t healthy and glowing?


Shaving as a plus-size man doesn’t need to be a daunting task. With the right knowledge, tools, and techniques, these shaving tips for men will have you looking and feeling your best in no time. So, take these tips and smooth moves with you into the sunny days ahead. After all, every man deserves to feel fresh and confident. Remember, we always are doing this for you.


  1. What is the best razor for plus-size men?
    • The best razor for you depends on your skin type, hair type, and personal preference. It’s crucial to find one that is comfortable and easy to use.
  2. Why is a pre-shave routine important?
    • A pre-shave routine prepares your skin and hair for the shave, making the process smoother and reducing the risk of irritation and cuts.
  3. How can I prevent ingrown hairs?
    • Regular exfoliation and using products with salicylic acid can help prevent and treat ingrown hairs.
  4. What should I look for in a shaving cream?
    • Look for a shaving cream that provides good slip, hydration, and is suited for your skin type.
  5. What is the role of an aftershave?
    • An aftershave soothes, hydrates, and nourishes your skin after shaving. It also provides a protective layer that can prevent infection and inflammation.

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